a writer of all respects based in New York City.


Maya Georgi is a Latinx woman, local music scene advocate, and—above all—a writer. From a young age, Maya knew she had a passion for writing so she honed it into a full blown craft and  ventured into all areas of writing: songwriting, short stories, poems, essays, and journalistic articles. That's what she means when she calls herself a writer of all respects.


Maya's identity allows her to see the world in a way that strays from the mainstream scope and tackle stories— fiction or non-fiction— with a unique perspective. She is always thinking about the story that is not being told or the elements being ignored. Maya's journalism beats extend into music, culture, and lifestyle while veering towards topics that help others stay culturally aware. Her second greatest passion is for music; when she gets to combine both her love for writing and music she sees it as the most exhilarating experience.